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Regardless if you are building an extravagant looking room or are working with a tight budget, the same considerations must be taken into account in the design; size, furnishings, finishes, color palette, window treatments, lighting, multimedia equipment and controls. GLOBUS, Inc. and its affiliates have specialist for each specialized part of the development and can offer a complete construction solution. We work under the understanding that many of the most important decision and planning session are conducted in conference rooms, and as such, the comfort and functionality of these rooms are critical to this end.

We believe we are at the beginning of the Omni-channel era of marketing and that digital signage will remain a critical building block to the retailers' and brands Omni-channel strategy. We are already seeing digital signage technology integration across many digital touch points, including interactive kiosks, interactive white boards, intelligent vending and dispensing and many other product segments.
We design our Data and Voice network cabling to be modular in design; allowing for plug-and-play adds, moves and changes without the need of a service call. This type of connectivity can be extended to include the CPE Equipment. We have over 25 years of experience in all types of copper cabling systems, including CAT 5, CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6 , Coax, Twin-ax, Composite, Bundled, Riser, and Direct Burial cabling systems.
To maintain a successful cabling system, it must be design to easily manage the inevitable influx of change. The proper use of ladder-racks, wire managers, panel distribution, and sustained numbering system, are all essential components. To this end, we take great care to incorporate all identifiable criteria's when designing the separation and distribution of the cabling system.
We custom design our voice and riser interconnect backboards with expansion and manageability in mind. All blocks are clearly labeled and all cables and cross-connects are easily traceable. We also provide a more modular approach via the use Amphenol and modular plug hardware, were it is applicable. For larger environments, we offer on-going maintenance and management services of riser closets and equipment rooms.
Having run millions of feet of Fiber in all types of applications and environments, our fiber teams are well seasoned to take on any project irrelevant of its size and complexity. Single-mode, multi-mode, riser, Arial, direct burial, inter-building. We offer state-of-the-art equipment for testing and splicing, further guaranteeing a quality installation. For all your Fiber Optic cabling needs, GLOBUS Inc.
GLOBUS's Fiber Optics technicians are manufactured certified and uphold the highest standards in the industry. Our designs, components and installation practices are setting new quality standards. When dealing with glass fibers in the 62.5 and 50/125 microns in size, nothing but meticulous attention to detail and highest quality workmanship will do.


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