Public Address PA Systems

GLOBUS, Inc. offers the products and services in high quality Public Address Systems. Our solutions are from a simple office or warehouse PA system to multi-level buildings, campuses, retail stores, malls, factories, airports, train and bus stations, restaurants, sports bars, theme parks and convention halls. These systems can be designed for harsh and demanding environments such as clean rooms, high-bay areas, hard surfaces, and other acoustically challenging applications. Regardless of application, our Public Address Systems feature audio clarity and ease of use.

GLOBUS can help you with the planning and system design, as well as project management and/or complete implementation. Considerations typically include signal processing to ensure intelligibility and feedback prevention, technology platform selection, zoning for destination selectivity, access management, prioritization and traffic analysis for multiple usage and simultaneous operations, speaker selection for both acoustical and aesthetic considerations.
Whether for emergency notification, routine announcements, voice paging or background music, using the systems we install can be as simple as speaking into a microphone or dialing an access code on a telephone or executing simple computer commands for prerecorded digitized messages. We also offer custom applications for Mass Communications Systems which also incorporate mobile and e-mail notifications.
GLOBUS, Inc., providing the very best Public Address System solution!


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