Cabling Equipment and Material

Partners are a crucial part of GLOBUS Inc.'s success story. Our developing partner ecosystem helps us deliver on our vision of providing the best of breed business oriented technology solutions. Whether complementing our evolving product line with features and functionality or extending our service offerings and global reach, our carefully selected partners enables GLOBUS Inc. to offer single source complete solutions; lowering implementation costs through increased efficiencies.


PVC & Plenum Cables


Copper & Fiber Cables


Patch Cords


Jacks & Faceplates


Ladder Rack & Raceways


Surface Mount Boxes


Cable Support Systems




Racks & Cabinets


Wire Managers


Termination Blocks


Custom Cable Outlets


66M & 1 Blocks 10


Custom Cables


Cable Trays


In-Wall Wiring Panels


Ceiling Wiring Panels




Specialized Conduits


Splicing Enclosures


Thin-Net & Coax Cables


Cable Repeaters


Cable Straps


Cable Raceways


Power Poles


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