Cabling Removal and Abatement

GLOBUS, Inc. provides professional cable identification, cleanup and removal services throughout the state of California, Nevada and Arizona; for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The National Electric Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) have made the removal of all abandoned wiring in walls, ceilings and floors mandatory for all commercial buildings. It specifies that all cables which are not terminated at both ends to a connector or other equipment, and not tagged for future use, is to be considered abandoned and must be removed before the building space can be leased, sold or rented.

After numerous incidents, these agencies recognized the potential fire and safety threats that abandoned cables represent. Overfilled cable conduits, pathways and spaces, severely restrict airflow, serves as a source for fueling fires and adding lethal toxic fumes, not to mention all the treacherous debris it produces during earthquakes.

It is estimated that there are over 50 billion feet of cable installed in commercial buildings (close to 40% abandoned); with most facilities having miles of unused cables left in ceilings and walls.

Don't let Abandoned Cable render your property 'out of code.'

The patch cable mess represented in this picture may seem quite exaggerated, but it actually resembles what we often found in data centers, computer/server rooms, wiring closets and cabling pathways. These clutters of cables, represent an extended period of adds, moves and changes, and most likely a continuous state of troubleshooting. GLOBUS%u2019s knowledge staff and extensive experience make ease of these complex endeavors. Not only will you benefit from code compliance, but greatly improve the performance and manageability of your cabling infrastructure system.
Unless conducting a total elimination of all cables, the most important and time consuming aspect of any cabling removal and cleanup effort is the accurate identification of which cables are in use, which are not but still a facility asset and those which are damaged and/or no longer a necessity. Common practice is to leave the inevitable for a later date, allowing the bundles of cable and spaghetti mess to exponentially grow. Not seeing a cost benefit in fixing it, the not so obvious cost of tracing, troubleshooting and reduced network performance goes unnoticed.
Cabling pathways are most often out of sight and hidden within dropped ceilings, raised floors, raceways and conduits, as such few are aware of the quantity accumulated over time and its condition. This picture is of a raised floor computer room whose cleanup is about 90% completed. When we started, you could not see but 1%u201D below the surface due to the cabling matt created by thousands of cables.
In the early years, GLOBUS reputation was as the premier design and migration firm for those old mega data centers to much smaller decentralized server based facilities. In the process, we removed millions of feet of coaxial, Ethernet and Interconnecting cables. Absolutely no one has more experience in understanding the process and requirements in the removal of this significant liability from a facility.
With older cabling plants, we commonly find that cables were never labeled or have become illegible and industry specified cabling guidelines were not often followed as to the type cable, installation methods and adequate support structures. There are endless benefits in removing all the outdated network cabling, cleaning out the cabling pathways and conduits, and clearly identifying the existing cabling assets. GLOBUS offers economical solutions in all areas and types of premise and outside plant cabling systems. Call Today!
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