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GLOBUS INC. has been successfully guiding its clients' interest in Communication and Information Technologies since 1988. The evolution of our broad range of product and service offerings is a direct result of our vigilance in market shifts and emerging technologies. Our determination to strive for excellence in all that we do, has rewarded us with increasing amount of industry recognitions and the accolades of our expanding client base.

Our clients, like our solutions are not typical in size, industry or need. We take great care to fully understand the “real” requirement we are being asked to fulfill. Then and only then can we provide a solution (intelligent integration) that will achieve its functional purpose and maximize investment potential.

GLOBUS experience and expertise cover a broad range of disciplines in all areas of communications, networking, entertainment, automation and security. We offer support for all project undertakings; from feasibility to design, right through to implementation and on-going support.

Today GLOBUS consists of a core group of in-house employees and a worldwide virtual community of partners, developers and distributors. Under our new online portal, known as the "Global Business Collaboration," GLOBUS’s employees, partners, associates and client members will be able to share their creative ideas and greatly improve all project intercommunications.

GLOBUS’s mission to furnish our customers with products that are easy to use and maintain, will benefit from a new and stronger focus on research and development. Stay tune for some exciting new products we currently have under development, for the SMB and Global business ventures.

From our GLOBUS family to yours, our sincere best wishes in all your endeavors, and the greatest of growth. Your success is our success!


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