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Welcome to GLOBUS, Inc.

In today’s Global Marketplace, geographic coverage, capacity and efficiency continue to expand through the use of Technology. However, these new tools have also become more complex and costly to implement and maintain. Yet, Business survival, and competitive strategic advantage are increasingly tied to the timely use of these emerging Technologies.

Business Solutions through Technology Leadership!

GLOBUS, Inc.’s primary mission is to commit our highest priority to addressing our client’s interests, by providing quality, professional and ethical services and identify those technologies which have demonstrated best of class in performance, reliability, and applicability. From feasibility studies to implementation and maintenance support, we will provide the experience, expertise and dedication necessary for a successful outcome.


Old World Service---Innovative Business Solutions---Best of Breed Technology!


Ultimately, what this all this mean? All Businesses want to improve their bottom line. Weather it is improvements in productivity, efficiency, cost-cutting, marketability, increased market share and profit margins, the timely implementation of the right tools can expedite this purpose. With this in mind, there is also a natural evolution which all new products follow, for its refinement, and market maturation. Knowing the pitfalls of early adaptation (Bleeding-edge alternatives), we thoroughly research each product, before adding it to our offerings. GLOBUS is committed to bringing the greatest benefit and shortest ROI, by offering the right solution to the task at hand.

Highest Standards…No Compromise!

These are very exciting time at GLOBUS, Inc. As we continue our expansion efforts, a downturn in the market has provided us with some valuable acquisitions and joint venture opportunities. Of course, these opportunities would not be meaningful if they did not ultimately offer a benefit to our clients. Our localized area of coverage will be increased, and a new set of products that are feature rich with a lower cost of ownership. It all adds up to more for less, and less is more; a win-win for all.


"Perfection in any form is rarely achieved,

excellence however is attainable,

and therefore worth the effort."

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have been reflecting on our past successes, challenges and lessons learned. The most encouraging realization has been our customers’ tenure and increased commitments, which we accept as the true measure of our performance.



Best Regards,
Michael Napal
Chm, C.E.O.

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