Partners are a crucial part of GLOBUS Inc.'s success story. Our developing partner ecosystem helps us deliver on our vision of providing the best of breed business oriented technology solutions. Whether complementing our evolving product line with features and functionality or extending our service offerings and global reach, our carefully selected partners enables GLOBUS Inc. to offer single source complete solutions; lowering implementation costs through increased efficiencies.

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Strategic Partners
  Strategic Partners, offer complimentary products and services in areas outside of our technology offerings, but which are related to the types of projects we undertake. These firms must uphold an unwavering commitment to quality and ethics in all that they do, and are required to adhere to all contractual partnership guidelines in their day to day activities.
  The benefit in having these Strategic Partnerships is to increase our ability to offer complete solutions and decrease project costs through efficiencies. Our clients benefit by having a primary point of contact for sales, project management and across numerous trades; all adding to efficiencies in communications, scheduling and coordinating, all the while reducing project costs.




Technology Partners
  We have carefully selected best of breed and pioneering product manufacturers, who share our vision in providing innovative and cost effective solutions. These Partners allow us to expand our products and services offerings in emerging technologies; helping our clients’ with early adaptation to changes in their business landscape.
  More than ever before, technology developments are driving changes in how business is conducted. Innovation in automated processes, online multimedia collaboration, and increasingly powerful mobile tools, allows for improved efficiencies and geographic coverage independence in an expanding global marketplace. Our persistent search for new Partners reflects our commitment to a collaborative approach in constructing our solutions. Our complimentary teams of outside-the-box thinkers, technology gurus, and business experts, always render the best results.


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