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In order to get the best pricing for our clients, we take on buying opporunities as the come. This however, creates overstock issues at times. This is one of those times, and due to our restricted storage capacity, we are clearing out all our equipment cabinets in inventory.
A recent closure of a venture capitalist gave us some great buying opportunities on some almost new phone systems. GLOBUS is still offering a 1 year warranty on these products. Even if you have these systems, it is a great time to buy for expansion or backup.
Due to our diverse client bae, we accumulated over 2000sq ft of now outdated material. All of it is still in use, but a diminishing market. Cat3 & Cat5 Patch Cords, Jacks, Patch Panels, Thin-net Coax, Connectors of all types., racks, brackets, etc. This is a Fire Sale, Dont't Wait!
Every quarter, GLOBUS will be holding an online raffle. The magnitude of what is being raffled will vary and dependent on the success of each quarter. Foer every ($1k), you will receive(1) number which will be included in the quarterly raffle.


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