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You know that the success of your project depends on formal project management. But you also need fast results, and you can't afford to get bogged down in bureaucracy. GLOBUS, Inc. has the experience and knows how to implement high-impact, low-overhead project management; we know how to do it fast but right, and how to customize it for any size project.


Depending on project size and complexity, a simple project framework and set of guidelines may be all that is necessary. To achieve the best results, once a suitable project plan has been created, you still need an experience PM for its communication and execution.


GLOBUS, Inc. strongly believes in establishing a clear vision of the end goal and understanding of all project related information and tasks. We take pride in our ability to empower all project participants to support and inform each other at the most relevant points, leverage knowledge at key times with the right people, facilitate the utilization of various communication technologies, and streamline the necessary but time-draining tasks of project managers (e.g., reporting and tracking). GLOBUS’s field-tested approach to project management covers more than just the basic improvements for which people are looking:


  • We show you how to govern people’s communication, parameter definitions, and decision-making from start to finish.


  • At the start, clarify project methodologies among team members with a from-scratch, bias-free approach that virtually eliminates unclear expectations.


  • Identify and capitalize on variables and strengths of each project participant, which will improve the strategy for anticipating and handling potential problems.


  • As a direct consequence of our custom-tailored approach to facilitation, we greatly enhance implementation efficiencies across all interdependencies; realizing significant improvements in scheduling and overall project cost.


With GLOBUS, Inc., as your partner, you have the assurance that our professional project managers will not only facilitate a smooth implementation, but more importantly a business specific solution for your emerging needs and long term goals. If you’re facing a project management necessity and are in need of seasoned quality support at a highly competitive rate, GLOBUS, Inc. is the right company and partner.


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