Relocation and Moving Services

Relocating, Upsizing, Downsizing, Restructuring? At GLOBUS, we have highly experienced and knowledgeable experts who have managed and implemented hundreds of these types of projects; from small offices, to complete high-rises, data centers and multi-building campuses. We will begin by detail meeting of your requirements, timeline and budget, and will carry it to completion; through a systematic project plan. In addition to timely status reports, we will provide all project participants with access to an online collaboration portal for tracking, documenting and communicating all updates and changes.


Moving Your Business?

GLOBUS Inc., offers full service relocation planning, design, built-out and project management for all your technology and infrastructure requirements. Our professionals make certain your relocation is completed as planed, and that your total facility, office, furniture, security systems, facility management systems, communication networks and service networks (voice, data, audio, video) are working upon arrival at your new site! With a variety of different services and procedures, GLOBUS Inc. can assist your company with a quick and efficient move. Below you will find more detailed information on the different services GLOBUS Inc. offers its clients.

Relocation Management:

At GLOBUS Inc., we base our approach to relocation management on providing unsurpassed customer service. We provide a single point of contact to support our client throughout the entire move and ensuring they have the best experience possible.  We make sure  that all necessary communication and support is done in a timely manner, and that the critical path is being adhered to. We closely monitor all the costs associated with the move process to ensure our clients get the most cost-effective service delivery.  Because of our extensive service offerings, our clients benefit from a single source contact, for all their IT needs.

IT Equipment Relocation:

GLOBUS Inc. offers complete relocation services of all types of IT and communications equipment, using proven methodologies and highly skilled technical personnel. We offer vendor management and coordination to manage all aspects of the relocation from a single source.

For those who are not in need of oursourcing their relocation efforts, we also offer a complement of supportive services, for that extra peace of mind and expert support.

Complete Servive:

A GLOBUS Inc. professional will design, manage, and implement the entire relocation project. The complete service offers customers the flexibility to maintain their business without augmenting staff. We will integrate into the customers operation and work closely with all customer key stakeholders to design a relocation plan that meets the customer's budget, time and availability requirements. GLOBUS will manage all aspects of the customer relocation to include vendor coordination, scheduling, transportation, valuation coverage, de-install/installation, site preparation, office relocation, and asset positioning. GLOBUS Inc. can also provide solutions for data migration, data availability, and resources to accomplish these goals in our complete service offering.

Supportive Service:

A reliable and economical alternative , GLOBUS Inc. will provide resources needed for relocation on an as needed basis similar to the complete service. This provides the customer the flexibility to utilize their existing resources and save money, but also gives them access to the expertise, skill, resources, and knowledge base of our technical relocation experts. This service is specifically designed for more price-sensitive customers who desire access to our proven best practices.

IT Planning, Design, Construction:

When you need to expand your equipment room or data center beyond its current walls, renovate its infrastructure or build a completely new equipment space in a new site, GLOBUS Inc. can help - with everything from a total turnkey solution to preliminary consulting. GLOBUS Inc. can plan, design, build, and test your new IT infrastructure as well as train your staff on how to maintain the new environment.


A core planning team needs to consider a myriad of issues and bring to the table knowledge of networks, wireless applications, telecommunications, connectivity, hardware, software, and enterprise integration. GLOBUS Inc. complements your expertise with our multidiciplinary knowledge of Information and CommunicationsTechnology.


GLOBUS Inc. can translate IT infrastructure decisions into the actual facility design and ensure that all IT-related decisions are included in the final designs. Where needed, we can rely on the vast network of GLOBUS Partners to provide expertise and critical components of the solution developed in the planning phase.


Enable efficient, timely IT implementation. With a proven project management methodology and Business Partner network, GLOBUS Inc. is ideally suited to collaborate with construction management firms in the deployment of IT and telecommunications resources according to specifications. Our professionals, will take part in project management, procurement/installation, and overall system integration.

Inventory & Documentation Services:

Whether you are preparing for a move or any disaster, one of the most important safety measures is proper documentation. This is most important for today’s complex IT environments. It is the Who, What, Where, How guidelines which will be used for its management and putting it all back together. The word transparent is often used  to describe the customers expectations; there is no better way to ensure this outcome than proper documentation and communications, and no company more prepared than GLOBUS, Inc.


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