VoIP Phone Systems

Today, businesses are faced with workforces that require a variety of solutions enabling them to communicate anytime or anywhere. The multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience necessary for the proper migration and utilization of these new tools are critical to maximize the functional effectiveness and investment returns.


Proper planning, innovative design and a professionally managed implementation are the cornerstone to any successful project; to this end, GLOBUS, Inc.’s takes great care in fully understanding the clients’ organization, expectations and budgetary guidelines. With knowledge on hand, we are then able to design the most appropriate tools and support infrastructure to meet the emerging challenges.


Migrating from a legacy based telephony platform to an IP based telephony platform is not an easy task. Be it an onsite or hosted solution, there are numerous interface requirements which must be carefully considered (cabling, topology, Telco and internet interfaces, etc.). The more sophisticated the requirements the more complex the solution (not in its use, but in design).


When you are ready, GLOBUS can assist in the development of your IP migration and assessment of existing network infrastructure. Our seasoned professionals will guide you through the migration process with complete transparency right through a seamless cutover. We will train your staff on the use and features of the system, so they can take advantage of the added features from day one.


GLOBUS’s VoIP services and technical staff possess a vast array of industry knowledge and expertise in leading IP Telephony and Unified Communications systems. These professionals have the necessary expertise and employ best practices in designing, deploying, and supporting them.

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