GLOBUS Ventures helps build next generation companies by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and top- tier venture capital firms. Our Information Technology Investors focus is on next generation products and services. In the 25 years since we were founded by Michael Napal, we have invested in numerous companies; whose successes have served our strategic goals and further our investment portfolio diversification.

Our investment team has more than 100 years of combined technology and business experience, as operators, entrepreneurs, industry analysts and investors. The entire team believes in involving ourselves deeply with our companies. We are open and flexible in our thinking and believe there is the potential for great companies and solutions in a wide variety of spaces. This is reflected in our willingness to investigate opportunities across all stages,
industries and market segments on a global basis.

As the corporate venture capital arm of GLOBUS, Inc., we operate under two independent but synergistic imperatives. First, we act autonomously in discovering and pursuing opportunities for outstanding financial returns that may be independent of or central to GLOBUS’s corporate strategic focus. Second, we bring substantial benefit to GLOBUS, Inc. by facilitating interaction between innovative young companies and the GLOBUS ecosystem.

Put simply, we have the independence to pursue investments we believe have the highest potential. We also spend a large part of our time maintaining strategic relationships throughout the GLOBUS ecosystem and focusing on finding ways for each of our customers, portfolio companies and GLOBUS to collaborate for mutual advantage.


GLOBUS Ventures is a strong partner that normally participates as part of an investor syndicate. Typically, we prefer that the syndicate lead be a new investor in the company. We evaluate information technology and other opportunities across all stages. We emphasize investing in solutions and services in line with emerging and strategic markets.

Executing on an investment can take as little as several weeks or as long as several months. The key determinants are the required depth of diligence, the schedule and makeup of the investment syndicate, and, at times, the business requirements of the prospective investment recipient.

We identify investment opportunities in a variety of ways. For example, we will develop investment themes and areas of related interest in which we proactively seek new businesses. We will respond to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who understand the value we can bring to an investment to be part of a financing round. We also pursue investment opportunities brought to us by partners within the GLOBUS ecosystem.


When evaluating investment opportunities, we focus on:

  • Management team strength and depth
  • Potential market size and opportunity
  • Uniqueness of products, service and technologies
  • Exit opportunity

In making these evaluations, we draw not only on our own expertise, but also from the knowledge base of the entire GLOBUS ecosystem and its pool of resources. Entrepreneurs can expect to have at least one discussion with a business and/or technology leader within GLOBUS. These discussions are mutually beneficial, providing all parties valuable industry insight. In many cases, these introductions are the seed of a significant future business relationship.

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